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Free Horse Racing Tips

With so many free horse racing tips available from such a wide variety of sources, it is no wonder horse racing punters are overwhelmed with sheer choice. Many people would suggest that ultimately you have to pay good money for good information and this may well indeed be the case. An information line to consistent winners, can reward followers with huge profits and therefore a relevant price tag is worthy, with some professional horse racing tipsters charging up to £3000 per year!

There are ways however of enjoying advice from very shrewd connections, you just need to know how to identify the best opportunities. If you were to Google ‘free horse racing tips’ in the UK, you would have around six million results returned.

Free horse racing tips – where do you start?

What all punters should be aware of is the quality of any racing advice and the general availability of that information. Of course anyone can purchase a newspaper on the day of a race and then back the same horse as 100,000 other punters.

That of course is not the way to achieve year end profits. Very much like stocks and shares; the lower down you are in the chain of knowledge the less likely you will be to make that information source pay as the value in any price will have long gone.

Newspapers also are not actually a source for free horse racing tips as you still pay a small fee for the paper itself! Some sources should be ignored altogether, for example any free advice that another punter gives you inside a high street betting shop! No matter how well informed these guys pretend to be, steering well clear of this kind of ‘friendly’ advice will serve you well. Understand professional punters these days are not found loitering in the bookmaker’s shop!
There are many forums on the Internet where punters group together to share their tips. The websites themselves have to be applauded as fantastic communication portals. The same however cannot be said for the quality of the free tipping advice often shared by ‘back room pundits’. Of course anyone throwing enough darts at a board will eventually strike a bullseye!

There are a few very shrewd judges of racing form but are they aware of the stables intentions on the day of any one race? Now that piece of information is crucial!

How to obtain the very best tips?

Due to the competitive nature of the horse racing tipping market place and the increasing demands of the betting public, many professional horse racing tipsters now offer free trial offers. Not every racing service will do this, but more often than not the very best horse racing advisor’s will.

This enables potential new clients to test drive the horse racing tips for real and to see how the service operates and how good their tips are. This is potentially one of the very best sources of free horse racing tips. Ultimately you are placing the same professional bets alongside betting professionals during a free trial. Should your trial be a success and you make good profits then you may then wish to consider investing long term in that racing service. If you make money then why wouldn’t you?

The one thing to note regarding obtaining free horse racing tips using this free trial method. Some amateur punters think that if they move from one free trial to another, they will make good profits without ever paying a membership subscription.

Of course in reality, some horse racing services are better than others. This means one trial might make you handsome profits as the next two fail. Have you ever heard the expression ‘one step forward and two back’?

The key is to identify a quality source of racing tips and use the free trial method if available. If indeed the racing service prove they are good and you make money, it might be at that point you decide to then continue down the route of being a semi professional punter and paying for good information. After all, why constantly chase free horse racing tips that might not continue to deliver when a paid source could be the route to consistency?

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