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Horse Racing Tips

It is no wonder that the business of trading horse racing tips is big business! ‘The Sport of Kings’ is enjoying a huge rise in popularity globally as new technologies and trading platforms help to increase the awareness of the sport. Betting exchanges such as Betfair, have now enabled fans of the sport to become the bookmaker with the ability to oppose other punters using the betting exchanges.

Horse racing has such a rich history, one that archaeologists have dated way back to ancient Greece and Egypt. It is fair to assume that passing on advice or knowledge of a horse’s fitness and therefore potential on race day has been fairly commonplace for many, many centuries.

More people than ever before are using smart technologies such as mobile telephones to access and facilitate the delivery of sports betting information. It goes without saying that all punters should be seeking quality betting tips over quantity. There are without a doubt two sides to this industry, one is financial gain and one is financial pain!

With so much to be gained for bookmakers, layers and punters alike; there is a serious level of competition for really good horse racing tips. The fact is, that only around 2% of punters actually make their betting pay in order to realise a profit during any calendar year. With that being said, it is not only fair to assume that most professional pundits and journalists are wrong more often than not, it is a fact and the reason the bookmakers adore this betting medium.

The horse racing ‘tipsters’ industry, in recent years has struggled somewhat. With a lack of regulation and therefore quality for the end user, confusion has been rife as to who to turn to. Any one man band can in reality now set themselves up from a back room and start trading horse tips and advice. This of course has made life tougher for genuine horse racing advisory professionals as they struggle to compete on price with so called pundits actually charging very little – for very little!

The industry is now so full of ‘professional racing advisor’s that the horse racing enthusiast doesn’t know where to turn in order to pay for quality racing information.

For punters seeking professional tips rather than free horse racing tips there are a few key elements to search for with any potential service. With so many horse racing tipsters now running sites on the Internet it is strongly recommended that a basic list of due diligence is sought.

Check list when buying horse racing tips

  1. The professional advisor is directly contactable either by email or even better the telephone or both
  2. That the service in question has been in the business of advising tips for at least five years
  3. That the racing service is either a form specialist or that they are horse racing owners or have industry contacts
  4. The very best horse racing services will allow users to sign up for a free trial to test the information

Once a horse racing service has been chosen by an individual punter, a certain level of responsibility now falls upon them. You will hear so many gamblers moaning about their luck and about poor advice they were given. A really professional level of financial control is required to turn even great advice in to a profit. It is no good if punters win with the professional tips to then only go and blow those profits backing no hoper’s themselves.

Once a really great horse racing service has been found, there are two things the punter would do well to achieve. Firstly to listen solely to only the exact tips being advised by the service and secondly to instigate a sustainable financial strategy with their own betting funds. Not one of those elite 2% of winners ever put their entire bank on just one horse to win! Professional staking is a big part of the ‘game’ and it is again something that any good horse racing tips service can help to advise their clients with.

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