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Racing Tips

There are many sources of racing tips for horse racing punters to use for their betting purposes. For those wishing to lean on the advice of more astute race judges, professional racing advisor’s are more than likely the way forward. Many enthusiasts of the sport of course do not have the time or indeed the knowledge needed in order to stay on top of the game, week in and week out.

Professional tips should not be confused with the kinds of free bets you might find on the Internet forums or indeed in the daily newspapers. Of course the degree of success with any source of racing information will vary. Often some of the very best racing tips are released by connections who actually own the race horses. There are a few quality professional racing services in the UK that indeed actually own their own horses. That of course means they are well placed to release timely news about the latest chances of horses they actually have close contact with. If you have never experienced this kind of service first hand, it can be highly commended (if you are over 18 years old).

Firstly you get to save all of the time and worry about researching each horse race. Uncovering winning selections that win consistently is a time consuming process, even for those that are well versed in race form it takes hours of study. The time saved is one thing. Being on the ‘inside’ and knowing that you are privy to seriously strong genuine racing information is incredibly exciting. The anticipation waiting for the next gamble is a huge part of this type of membership.

To follow this kind of professional racing service with success, a good level of self discipline and betting control is required. It is advisable that anyone paying for good racing tips should wait and only strike a bet when the professional advice comes to hand. It is actually a fact that in nearly every horse race staged, not every horse is even trying to win! Therefore if you don’t have the inside edge you are gambling rather than investing and there really is a huge difference between the two.

Professional Racing Tips – What can you expect?

Depending on the type of service you join you might expect to receive anything from two to six bets per week. Often however with the more targeted services less should be considered more. Greed is the punters enemy, so do not be put off if professional racing service only offers around two bets per week on average. Two winning racing tips per week results in a winning week after all!

The bets may be advised at a set time of the day, or you may be asked to make contact at time set up on the day. Some are released with only minutes to spare before a race. This enables the racing advisor to keep his cards close to his chest and make sure the conditions are perfect for the bet.

Every service will differ, however SMS text messages or a recorded telephone line service are two of the most popular methods for this kind of information to be delivered. With such an intense level of competition for professional horse racing tips, many services are keen to show their potential clients how they operate. You will find these days it is common for the best racing advisor’s to allow new clients to enjoy the benefits of a free trial to their services.

This is a great way for anyone yet to try this type of service and to get a foot in the door at no charge to trial free horse racing tips. This way the punter would get to see just how much money can be made when using this type of service.

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