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‘Becoming a member was a great decision! Even won my subscription fees back in the first week! Betting with more confidence than ever and the winners keep coming!’

Peter Wilson, LBR Member

‘LBR produce a good strike rate with nice priced winners! Very genuine and professional team – Get a lot more out the service than just winning tips.’

David Beasley, LBR Member
  • Why join LBR?
  • Lee Bolingbroke has been a winning racehorse owner
    for over 20 years.
  • Boasts a proven track record and is recognised as a leading authority within his field of expertise.
  • We currently have over a dozen horses in training based in various stables across the country.
  • Enjoy gambles on our OWN HORSES at decent prices.
  • Start making consistent TAX FREE profits with a winning team TODAY!
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  • Our members enjoy a host of added extras as part of their membership. These include:
  • Exclusive news regarding our own horses.
  • Weekly newsletters including racing previews including the main meetings.
  • Be privy to information on horses and stables we are associated with and closely connected too.
  • All information including bets, news, promos, is sent via e-mail and SMS at no extra cost!
  • Ownership and stable visits.
  • Competitions to win race day tickets.
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