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An Exclusive Offer..

An exclusive offer from the desk of Lee Bolingbroke…

Did you know that 98.2% of racing punters never make any money?


Amazing statistic, isn’t it

How would you like to join the 1.8% that do…

Today YOU are invited to claim one of just 40 places on the UK’s most elite and exclusive betting syndicate…

If you can you spare 15 minutes three times a week and guarantee ABSOLUTE discretion, I will transform your betting.

And if you don’t make a killing in the first 7-days, you don’t pay…

Dear punter,

What’s the hardest thing in the world to do…?

Rocket science…? Brain surgery…? Or picking winners?!

My name is Lee Bolingbroke and winning horses are my business.

When it comes to space travel or performing operations, I’m as clueless as the next man. But if you’re looking to make consistent, satisfying profits from betting on horses – then look no further.

Owner, punter, tipster, WINNER!

To survive in this business for over a quarter of a century, you need a bit of luck. To thrive in it, you need a bit more than that. I’ve gone from being a professional gambler to the owner of 21 different winning horses, with currently 12 in training.

And ONE thing has allowed me to do that… My ability to spot a winner.

Despite my humble beginnings, I am now well known in racing circles. On first-name terms with many of the UK’s top jockeys, owners and trainers. And have insider access to some of the country’s top performing yards.

How has this happened…? My ability to spot a winner.

My tipping service is in its 26th successful year of trading, with a current waiting list of four months for new members.

Why? You guessed it – my ability to spot a winner.

Why not see what my service can do for you…

 ‘…yet another winner…’
“Hello Lee, I don’t know how you do it – yet another winner at Leicester – I would like to thank you once again and please let me know when similar business takes place.”
D.G. Derby. Member.
‘…transformed my betting…’
“Many thanks for all the winners. You have completely transformed my betting strategy”
S.H. Northampton. Member.
 ‘…4 winners and a good priced second…’
“Congratulations in providing 4 winners and a good priced second over the last month. I really look forward to the next selection and appreciate your diligence in making selections.”
D.M. Croydon. Member.
‘…no surprise he makes his betting pay…’
“There is no doubt that Lee is a very good judge of a horse and along with his first class knowledge of the form book it’s no surprise he makes his betting pay.”
Brian Ellison, top dual purpose trainer.

My twenty-five year journey to here…

I don’t consider myself especially clever, or talented and I don’t have a crystal ball. Like everything in life – my success is down to hard graft. Thousands of hours of studying form, years of learning the ropes and a lifetime of commitment to being the best.

And although it is nice to be recognised by the industry – I’ve always been a punter at heart. The greatest reward for me has always been handing that winning slip back over the counter to the bookie!

And if you feel the same way about collecting, today I’d like to invite you to join my exclusive advisory service.

Reserve your place on my personal betting service…

My philosophy…

You don’t get rich by chasing bets. It’s no good throwing money at the bookies multiple times a day, hoping to get lucky. To mis-quote golfing legend Gary Player, the more work I put in the luckier I get.
The internet is full of so called ‘experts’ offering daily betting services, but all they are doing is going through the daily card and picking the best couple of horses. Any clown can do that. You are better off following the tabloids, or even doing it yourself.

My success has been based on betting on MY terms. Picking and choosing. Being patient. Being careful. And ONLY betting when I am 100% confident we are on the right horse, at the right price.

This means we will sometimes only bet a couple of times a week. But when we do you will KNOW you are acting on the very best, most privileged industry information.

We ONLY bet when a horse ticks ALL the boxes…

My selections might come about as a result off my own study… From something I have seen or heard from the inner circles of trainers I am in regular contact with… Or from strategically placing one of my OWN horses. Giving us a great chance to cash-in on a BIG VALUE price on a runner that is totally off the radar of the rest of the market – and the bookies!

‘…biggest gambles ever to hit British racing…’
“Lee has been involved in some of the biggest gambles ever to hit British racing in recent times.”
Mick Easterby, former three times champion and National Hunt trainer.
‘…fantastic info… tremendous winner…’
“Thank you so much for giving me such fantastic info. This was the first time I had ever had a bet and it was a tremendous winner”
G.F. Wales, Member.

How does the service work…?

You will receive all tips via email AND Text. Direct to your inbox and phone, personally delivered by me. The email will include a bit more detail because naturally space is limited in an SMS message, but you will receive all the key details you need, including:

  • The date, course and time…
  • The name of the horse…
  • The odds…
  • Recommended stakes…

All my advice will be simple, clear and in plain English. No jargon, no waffle. No mountain of stats to wade through… no ‘War and Peace’ length summaries that leave you more confused than when you started… just straightforward advice that ANYONE can use.

A typical SMS message to your phone will look like this:

‘Dear Member, one account bet today: Mighty Missile 6.55 Stratford (e/w). One of my own horses and must be backed. Best price 5/1 with bet365. A detailed email will follow. Good luck LBR’

A typical email message will look like this:

Mighty Missile 6.55 Stratford (e/w)
One of our own horses trained by Warren Greatrex and ridden for the first time by stable jockey Gavin Sheehan. Drops back in trip, has ground conditions to suit and with 10 runners of which several cannot win this looks a great e/w play at the early prices of 5/1.

Alongside your bets, you will also get a weekly email including previews of big races. Plus exclusive updates on my horses in training and any titbits of information or ‘trackside whispers’ I hear from my network of contacts stationed in yards up and down the country.

Put me to the test for a week, 100% risk free…

Quality NOT quantity is the key to success…

You can expect between one and three tips per week. That might not sound like many, but I will never ‘go chasing’ bets just because I haven’t sent one out for a few days. That’s what amateurs do – and they don’t stay in business very long, let alone 26 years.

My reputation depends on the very highest standards of service and I will never share my advice with my members unless the selection ticks every box.

Polite note: If you want multiple bets every day, I would suggest that this is not the service for you. I am looking to generate serious profits for serious bettors, not daily ‘jollies’ for mug punters.

Places are strictly limited to just 40 places and offered on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis. Plus, the internet is full of daily services, if that is what you’re looking for.

But talk is cheap, right? And I wouldn’t expect you to take my word for it. This is a results business and that’s what you want.

That’s why I’m delighted to offer you 7-days to put my service to the test – without risking a bean!

‘…as a pensioner I find your service a great help…’
“Just a few lines to thank you for the honest, professional and interesting racing service you provide. As a retired person with limited funds I find your service a great help when I have a bet”
M.W. Southampton.
‘…first class knowledge, genuine expertise…’
“Lee Bolingbroke is one of a very small number in this industry that you can hang your hat on. First class knowledge, genuine expertise and a man that takes care of his business and customers in the right manner. A gent.”
Matt Nesbitt, betting pundit NBCSports,, etc.

Start your risk-free membership today!

That’s right. I am so confident in my service, that I will offer you this cast-iron 7-day money back guarantee…

If you are not 100% happy with the standard of tips in the first week, just cancel… If you are not amazed and delighted with the amount of money you have made, just cancel… If you find the service is not for you in any way, shape of form, just cancel…

And it won’t cost you a penny.Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Membership is strictly limited, so I’ve no interest in keeping anyone on the service that isn’t loving every minute of it. I’d much rather free up the place for someone else. So if for ANY reason the service doesn’t live up to your expectations during your first 7-days, simply cancel and it won’t cost you a penny.
One email, one phone call and it is done.

Put me to the test for the next week – RISK FREE…

So how much does it cost…?

Full membership to my personal betting advisory is £69.99 per month.

It’s not cheap. But you wouldn’t expect to get an Aston Martin for the price of a Ford Focus would you?
At an average 10 – 12 tips a month it comes it at under £7 a tip. And remember, bets are ONLY sent out when they match a very specific criteria. EVERY selection must tick EVERY box.

All my advice is based on years of experience, a proven track record and genuine insider knowledge. Not just what I hear from my network of contacts – but often from MY OWN horses. Giving you a heads-up on info that everyday punters and the bookies have NO IDEA about. Letting us fly in under the radar and help ourselves to big prices!

No wonder I get comments like this…

‘…Lee knows racing inside out…’
“Lee really does know his racing inside out and is a very shrewd operator when placing his horses”
Julie Camacho, leading northern trainer
‘…honored to be a client…’
“You are truly a professional businessman who knows his trade well. I am honored to be a client of yours and thanks for letting me be involved”
T.W.P Ashton under Lyme. Member.
‘…very shrewd at placing horses…’
“Lee is very shrewd at placing his horses and finds good opportunities for them”
David O’Meara, leading trainer

And don’t forget – you are covered by a full, no questions asked money back guarantee for the first 7-days. So if you don’t win cover your membership fee in that time, walk away with my blessing. Or if my style of service doesn’t suit you, no problem. Or even if you just plain change your mind, fine by me. Just let me know and I’ll thank you for giving me a spin and refund your money instantly. No quibbles, no questions, no worries.

Don’t miss out. Reserve your place today!

Polite request: Membership is strictly by invitation only. This offer is being made to you in recognition of the interest you have shown in my service, so I will respectfully ask you NOT to forward this to anybody else. Numbers will be limited to just 40 places and offered on a first come, first serve basis. So please accept my apologies if you do not manage to reserve a place this time, but I have to protect the interests of my customers.

So, in summary this is what I am offering you today:

  • 1-3 high quality tips every week…
  • My exclusive staking plan…
  • All advice delivered personally by email SMS text message…
  • Own horses strategically placed and bet on for members benefit…
  • Weekly email newsletter previewing all the major races…
  • Exclusive updates on horses in training from industry contacts…
  • Dedicated customer service hotline six days a week…

Claim your exclusive 40% discount…

PLUS, as a member of the free trial you qualify for a one-off discount. Sign-up for six months today and you will receive an instant 29% discount. Sign-up for a year and save 40%!

That means your tips would be at about £4 a pop!

You are still covered by a full money back guarantee for the first 7-days, so have nothing to lose. Why not see if you can cover your subscription in the first week like Peter…

‘…won my subscription back in the first week!…’
“Becoming a member was a great decision! Even won my subscription fees back in the first week! Betting with more confidence than ever and the winners keep coming!”
Peter Wilson, Member.

Put me to the test for a week RISK FREE!

All that remains for me to do is thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I look forward to welcoming you onboard.

Lee Bolingbroke

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